I love rollercoasters

Are you ready to scream?

I've ridden some of the best but I had forgot how fun it was to ride a new one till today. A friend of ours was going to Thorpe Park for her birthday and asked if me and Sarah would like to come along as her husband did not really enjoy rollercoasters. I guess Coasters is one of those subjects we just never got around to talking about. So it was a bit of a shock when we explain how much we adored coasters.

Nemesis Inferno really brough back my desire to ride more exotic coasters, and from the picture it looks like one I heard about a while ago is coming to England next year. From a little browsing around it seems the unknown coaster's development name is stealth but looks like a carbon copy of Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster. Going on estimates it seems Dragster is 2 times the height but 60+ meters in the UK is pretty good going and I'm wondering how they got the planning permission for such a tall structure, so close to Heathrow airport? To get a feel for how this amazing roller coaster will look check out this shot from the top of dragster, this one from the ground and this one from the side. Thorpe Park isnt the only one doing this type of ride, Warner Bros are building Superman: Escape which is seems to be the same height, same designers and looks like this. So even at half the height its going to be one hell of a Hydraulic launch ride.

On another note, Oakwood is also building a secret rollercoaster which seems to have a few people interested. Plus its good to finally see Drayton Manor build another decent coaster to go with the slightly aging but still only english stand up coaster – Shockwave

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