Blame it on July 7th?

Canary wharf in the fog

Saturday night after my friends party, I decided to popup to the Isle of dogs, where Canary Wharf and the other tall buildings of the docklands sit. I had my digital camera with me and decided it would be a great night to take some pictures of the warm but slightly cloudy night. The low bearing clouds have a interesting effect on the lights of tall buildings. So I was scooting around the complex taking pictures when about 40mins in, a dressed up security guard told me to stop shooting under some made up July 7 law. I instantly questioned this made up law and he was kind of thrown off guard with my questioning, so changed his tone and said I needed a permit to take pictures around there. Yep well it seems the July 7th attacks has the other Canary Wharf security so worried that they let me drive up and take pictures in the middle of a road and park my bike next to the security office. Seriously after talking to this jumped up security guard, I drove off to get a permit at 3am just to spite him. When I arrived at the security office, the managing security guard told me the dressed up security guard only controls one of the smaller buildings and I was allowed to take pictures of any of the buildings as long as I dont take pictures of the entrances and exits.
So the facts of the matter was this jumped and dressed up security guard got touchy that I took pictures of his building next to the DLR station and made up some crappy story to stop me from taking pictures. Yeah well he was lucky I was too tired to go back and tell him where to stick his story. To be very fair to the rest of the security guards throughout the complex, they were pleased to help me take the pictures and were all very accommodating.
Its just a shame the pictures were not as good as they could have been…

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