Is it time for the mainstream to get Torrent TV?

Bit torrent

PBS Launches NerdTV, the First Downloadable Web-Exclusive Series From a Major Broadcaster.

I'm unsure if the last part is true but its a brave and good move by PBS. Although I have to say its about time a major broadcaster started really taking advantage of downloadable video. There was no mention of using bit torrent for distribution which is a shame when you consider the amount of the NerdTV target users use it and with this recent announcement from Opera about there bit torrent support. Its also used by quite a few podcasters and the new range IPTV programmers (cant think of a better name). From the shadows, Systm by Kevin Rose and of course The Scene by Jun Group entertainment are a few which come to mind.

For a public broadcaster like PBS, NerdTV certainly makes a lot of sense but for the commercal enterprises, IPTV sounds like a nightmare. Those which strike the balance between the audience demands and there own stand a fair chance. I found this quote on the fromtheshadows forums.
There is no competition for air time, no time slots, and no commercials.

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