April brings some nice XBMC changes

Ok first major thing which is now added the core of xbox media centre. Yep Audioscrobbler support! At long last well after I suggested it here on this blog and here on the official forums. This is all timely with me adding the what I'm listening to, on the side of this blog now. It grabs the RSS feed from my audioscrobbler page and does some simple XSL transfromations to generate the side panel for this blog. Expect to see much more entries now my xbox can also add music I listen to during the weekend.

The other major change is the sad news that the Project Mayhem I and II skin support will be dropped. As I commented, I respect move to the newer Project Mayhem III skin but its too dark and I believe not as good version 2. I'm hoping to use version 2 for quite some time to come, and who knows I may keep on adding extras to it if no one else is interested.

There is also interface sound in the latest beta which I have played with but am not totally sure of. I grant you some people will like it but for me the start up sound was all I needed. Since the early April versions there has also been a lot of new scripts added, including a script which will check for the latest versions of scripts. One of my favorate scripts now I got 1meg broadband is consumption junction which streams nicely and makes me and sarah laugh, hurll, scream and gape. Scary place, its advertises its self as – new fresh sick free adult humor, tasteless dirty jokes, and free video clips. Anyhow its all fun and makes using xbmc even more great to use.

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Author: Ianforrester

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