Latest 24, brings even more head shaking

CTU agent takes out a suspect
Spoiler alert! I have watched up to episode 20 of the show 24, if you are watching on TV in the UK and do not want to know whats happening in 24. Please do not read this entry.

Well after a whole week of ranting and raving about how Fox has turned 24 into nothing more than American government propaganda. I subjected myself to another thrilling episode of 24 last night. I said I would watch the rest of the season and I will do that at least. Sarah is not as convinced and decided to watch Star Trek on her laptop instead. Anyway, episode 19 didnt come up with many suprises.

Everybody thinks (on screen) John Kerry Presendant pussy is even more of a (choosing my words very carefully) left leaning, jewish, gay black librial commie than ever before (I hope I didnt offend anyone). Basicly the writers have there perfect token democrat and they wont give it up for anything. This time he takes offence to Jack over ruling his words and sends the secret service out to arrest him. While the not so secret service go after Jack, he his hunting down the head terriost and is only moments from capturing him when the secret service mess up the operation. What a dick, presendant pussy is what everyone on screen is thinking (I'm thinking what a load of bollox to cover up the government propganda). Anyhow they end up calling for Ex-Presendant Palmer to give advice to him for the rest of the season. Did anything get solved from last time? No, actually the above was used to prove Jack was right and that tourture is correct. They certainly smoke filled the screen with all this rubbish about John Kerry to cover the mess Fox has made of it.

Anyhow the highlight of the hour was one of the CTU technical operations agents (Chole) being sent out with 2 other unknown agents (you know these two are dead even before they leave for the mission) to follow up there one and only leads. Anyhow, a suspect comes along and starts to chase Chole and the witness (dont ask, its so stupid!). And after a lot of phone calls about what the combination of the in the car gun was finally the CTU agent kills the suspect. The funny thing is the agent in question is prune face Chole and if you know anything about Chole, shooting a weapon certainly isnt her thing. Chole up to this point has been yes a pain in the ass, but at least she hasnt said any Government Prop as of yet. But I got a feeling Chole will be following suite from this moment onwards. Shame, I believe she seems to be the only one left with a mind of her own.

In the end I didnt publish the video for 24 mainly due to web space and copyright considerations. The clip would have started at 25:00 exactly and end on 43:08. But I do have a nice audio clip summing up the whole thing by 2600 writer/owner Emmanual Goldstein. On his weekly show Off the wall, Emmanual gets equally pissed off with 24. It was broadcasted on April 19th in America but there is a mp3 file on the 2600 site which you can listen to. Otherwise check out my 3.6meg Mpeg3 or 2.6meg Ogg Vorbis audio edited versions which has only his rant which lasts almost 9mins in total. Enjoy!

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