This blog is moving to interadvantage

More of a warning than a comment, I'm moving to real Java Servlet hosting by interadvantage this month. So expect a lot of down time and redirections from URL's your use to using. The first one to go will be which is currently being transfered from to After that I should install the new Blojsom 2.4 with new features like pingback. The direct URL of will still exist up the point of when I'm happy with the clone on After which I will use temporary redirects to My pictures and cocoon will stay on my own server till I can be sure they work fine with the shared permissions at I'm also thinking of running Flock on and maybe Zoe on my own server once cocoon is moved across.

So generally, try and use the domain for accessing the blog and other applications like my pictures and wait for the green light to when is up and going.

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