Cloned card

I found out a couple of days ago that my current account has been used by some theifing bastard(s)! Seems they wasted no time and took out 3 days of my maximum amount of cash you can take out in one day (grand total of 600 pounds) . I hardly use my card and am very careful of keeping a eye on it at resturants and cashpoints. Some people have commented that I maybe too paranoid about it in the past, well rightly so I would add now. It would seem I made the mistake of using a Natwest cashpoint in Leicester Square on ST Patricks day, which was used to collect sensitive banking information. How am I sure its the that cashpoint and no where else? Put it this way I'm 98 percent certain and the only other places I used my card that month was at my local train station to buy my travel card and a resturant where I had the card pretty much most of the time plus my friends cards are ok. Oh also add to the fact that the cash was taken out in Piccadilly which is a stone throw away from Leicester Square and I can be certain the machine was tampered with in a form which I never noticed. The werid thing is, Its not like I never got my card or cash back from the machine and I remember holding my hands over the pin code as I usually do so there was no way someone could see what I typed. Hey maybe I could be wrong about the cash machine but I'll tell you what – this has come just before the easter bank holidays and at a time when I'm feeling very ill. I would do unspeakable things to the person who did this to my account if I found them!

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Author: Ianforrester

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