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Chineese companies talk about their Pmps, and make fun of my Archos

If you have not yet seen then i highly suggest you check it out plus the comments on Slashdot. A guy walks around Cebit with a camera on his head and stores the footage on his Archos multimedia jukebox. Awesome stuff, and just the kind of thing I thought the Panasonic SDAV series of Mpeg4 cameras would be perfect for along time ago.

Theres a couple of things I would suggest to the guy whos doing this or anyone who tries this next time. First thing, get in touch with legal torrents and ask them to help you out. Dont worry I've wrote them a email on behalf of the guy already. Second, upload your stuff to if possible. I know it takes a while but it will much more accessable to people later, plus you can place a licence on it if you like. Third, provide RSS feeds with Bit Torrent enclosures for people who use Azureus and the TV Torrents plug-in. That would easily take some load off your site because not everyone will be hammering it for new stuff everyday.

Even though its very tempting to do this for Xtech 2005, I may not. Maybe just images and audio will be good enough. But not taking anything from Charbax, this was clever and great to watch on the way into work today.

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