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Not the usual thing I read but I was looking around for somewhere to host my latest mix and came across a news piece from 356 music magazine. Its kinda of old but Dj Sasha has gone Digital. He is quoted saying, A set of Technics turntables and a mixer is not enough for me now. It's time to move on! Then talked about his Maven controller whch works with some software on a laptop.

So thats the thing pictured above, there are also some more pictures here and here. Well I cant help but say I knew this was going to happen a long long time ago. And the idea of Dj's building custom controllers for themselves doesnt seem to mad a idea. Richie Hawtin has been using some custom MIDI controllers to Dj for quite some time now. Personally this is all good stuff, I just wish the software makers and dj culture websites would catch up. What do I exactly mean by the last comment? Well all the sites out there I came across seem to be stuck in that old forums type format which is ok but doesnt make for the best way to do everything, and thats only the start of things. The purpose of the internet is and next generation mixing/djing is that you can do all types of clever things with music. This is where software makers are partly to blame. How difficult would it be to offer there users somewhere to upload media created by there own software? And then how hard would it be to automaticly create playlists from the music played? At the moment its all hand written lists with no machine readable metadata.

This is simply crazy in a era when were moving to everything digital. more to come…

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Author: Ianforrester

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