XTECH 2005 schedule is now up

This years conference looks to be a very good one. There are already a couple of suprises presentations which brought a rye smile to my face. The first one has to be Dodds presenting just before myself. I usually read Leigh Dodds' blog at least once a week on my way into work, and I've always nick named him lost boy since.
Anyhow, people keep asking me for my paper, while I'm not going to post the whole lot I'm going to take some cues from Lost boy and post bits up as and when they come. Till then here's the basic description or abstract.

Open Data: RSS Syndication For A Worldwide Audience

The challenges faced while syndicating RSS to a global audience of people and machines. Can we syndicate in every single language, how does internationalization work in meta-data, and what does this all mean for the semantic web?

Some other interesting presentations I spotted.

And I swear thats only Wednesday and does not include people like Micheal Kay and Tom Loosemore. I'm really hoping they do a good job of recording these sessions and hopefully pass them on to IT Conversations for podcasting and archiving after the event. There are so many I would love to hear and see, I'm really looking forward to speaking and hearing from others in the world of XML.

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