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At work recently, we've been thinking about managing CSS. It may sound quite a simple task but actually we have 43+ stylesheets and there all slightly different. They've been managed and edited by different people and we've been keeping it all logged in some kind of spreadsheet. Not great, but it will do. Well anyway i'm doing some tidying up and doing some comparisons between different styles. And I started to think about how to go about this when I thought wouldn't this be so much easier if it was all structured content? (Well yes CSS is structured but not in a form where I can consume it with XML tools)

After a couple mins of conversation with work friends, Tom mentioned a Perl Lib which could read CSS. Which lead to the conclusion that once in Perl, it would be easily serialized into XML where I could do all manner of analysis, charting and what ever else we choose to do with it. But wait it doesn't stop there, it not only allows us to manage CSS but also generate CSS using XSL. Pretty useful I would say. Anyway, I've convinced everyone involved we should open source the Perl code, XML schema and idea for anyone to use. So I'll drop some links in once we got something going… I'm highly suprised no one had already done this and opened into on to the web, I would love to see a Cocoon reader for CSS.

And at long last everything you need to get started… Thanks Tom for the great work, comments to the usual place

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Author: Ianforrester

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