Tell me something, would you be interested in doing a monthly podcast?

I'm asking this question to a few people I'm friends with, who are also in the industry. The idea being to do a monthly or two monthly podcast about subjects which affect the industry. Yes it sounds like the gillmor gang, and I'll make no excuses for that – its very good format. Anyway, its been in mind for a while now. The setting has to be around a bar or pub table with a laptop recording via a simple microphone. Or could even be after a dinner or something? Format has to be about a hour no more really. I'm hinting towards live and direct rather than edited. But I think i need to just do it and see what happens. Maybe who knows I can rope some majors into the mix? Like some London alpha bloggers or something? Right now the list of people who have agreed to do it stands at 3 including myself. Comment if your really interested in a English Gillmor Gang. Hey just a thought, maybe I could build a meetup around this? Hummmm…..

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Author: Ianforrester

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