Flickr API based desktop application

This is why company's needs to open there API's. I mean seriously would ludicorp build a desktop application for flickr this good? Maybe but they didnt need to because they simply opened there API's up over REST and Soap and someone built a application for them. This has to be a dream for companys, someone else building applications based on there services for free! I mean theres nothing stopping Ludicorp buying or bringing out there own version. But come on, why bother when someone else has? They just have to sit there improving there service and seeing more people converting to Flickr Pro. This is why google, ebay, amazon, etc are happy to expose there API's and let people build away. The web is indeed the platform… whens the windows version?

On the same vein, how to do a decent development weblog. Yahoo! Search blog, Flickr blog, Bitflux blog and of course Blojsom blog. Google your blog sucks, sorry to say. I've actually found myself liking Yahoo more, specially after there recent efforts with RSS. Its actually got me thinking about the rss feeds i generate. Maybe theres somethings I could do to make them more user friendly. Even if it includes putting a damm my yahoo button on my blog. Oh you can listen to the presentation here and the notes are here. Respect Y!

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