This is the way forward, sitting in a seminar with tons of wireless around me. Looking at my scanner, theres actually 5 just in this area. There was 20 hubs on the way from the registeration part to the seminar. Anyway I some interesting things i heard…

UltraWideBand isnt the same as Wimax, duhh me! Ultrawideband can support 1.2 gigabits download and 480 megbits upload per node. Its 802.15.3 and is currently made up of 3 different types. UWB Wireless Lan, UWB Electric and UWB Cable. The Wireless Lan is obviously your usual Wireless for home and office use. The Electric, is a rival to the Home plug standard. And the Cable is used for home to home and metro area networks. Almost cable rival to 802.16 – WiMAX. On the UWB Electric front, you can get up to 100megabits a second if all the items communicating are using the same electric point. If it goes through the house electric system, it drops down to 20megabits per second.

The talks then went into Wireless Mesh technology from locust. Which is interesting, but I'm more interested in how to do it with free or opensource software, hardware. Some of the Applications of Mesh technology are vast networks, tempory networks and self healing meshes.
The public sector, commercial ISP's and Coop community's are very interested in using them more. Some places which have already done this…
Hayfiled derbyshire, North Norfolk, University of putra,
Fastline internet in louisiana, Vivian Louisiana, British Army Base in germany, Lauris provence in france and Drymen in scotland.

The only other thing of real interest was the white hat wireless hacking was kinda of lame, but the actual guy did know a lot and was well worth talking too.

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