Skype comes to Pocket PCs

Just read on infosync, Skype is coming the PocketPC. And now I'm interested… Just wish Skype used standards like H323 or even SIP.

Skype Technologies, the company behind the increasingly popular Skype P2P Voice over IP (VoIP) application for Windows desktops, today launched a beta version of PocketSkype for the Windows Mobile 2003 platform. Owners of Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PCs with 400 MHz or higher processors can now make free, unlimited and unmetered calls to friends, family and colleagues using Skype on the desktop or similar devices.

PocketSkype retains the same core features of regular Skype software including free Skype to Skype worldwide calling to any Skype user, ability to participate in free Skype conference calling, instant messaging, access to the Global Decentralised Directory, online presence and contact lists. Skype Technologies recommended that a headset be used with the software to achieve the best quality.

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Author: Ianforrester

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