Multiple sims and devices

I'm loving these news pieces.
Redknee provides 3G multi-SIM solution to O2
Multiple Devices, Multiple SIMs, One Number

If these become common place, i'm first in the queue. I've been relying on bluetooth to do the job, but the applications haven't hit the spot yet. For example I was using mphone on my ipaq with my old ericsson t68 to get text messages on my ipaq. But now mphone doesn't support my spv2 so all messages have to be replied to on the phone. There is a sim slot on the ipaq and if I could send all text messages to the ipaq, allow gprs data on the ipaq and smartphone while allowing voice to be taken by the bluetooth headset. Then I would be happier with my personal area network. Bluetooth technology, shame no one is creating application of better standards. For example, where's the application to instant message between two or more bluetooth devices? I just don't know… Kinda wish I could program enough to do it myself.

Quick mention to say i'm reading smart mobs by Howard rheingold. And its a good read indeed.

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Wireless comes into focus

The first WiFi detector on the market

Its amazing to come across open wireless points while out on my usually route through the day. I found a open linksys node at the bus stop while waiting for my bus home. It was aa low signal but good enough for my ipaq to pick it up. I was on for 15mins before the bus came and whisked me away. So any Ravensbourne students who wait for the 314 bus, should open there laptops and enjoy bus stop wifi. I'm sure someone must have discovered the open node, before me? remarkable…

The kensington wireless keychain finder I bought in america is very useful indeed, but a bit misleading. I'm sitting in hospital waiting and the keychain is saying theres no wireless but my ipaq found a netgear node broadcasting. However I don’t seem to be gettinng any outside access at all. So I think its internal only? And I don’t have any network tools on my newly reinstated ipaq to test it. I'm also wondering when there going to bring mini-stumbler to pocketpc 2003 or support the internal wiireless cards in the newer ipaqs?

Oh yeah found this sweet Wifi finder for the UK. Added the above to the database.

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Twincities = European thinking?

The Tram from outside

Not really, but the spending on public transport is well beyond any other city in america. They have developed miles of skyways which interlink buildings together. You can park your car at one end of the city and walk across to the other. Thats pretty much impossible in most cities in america unless your driving or taking a greyhound through the city. Its amazing to see. And going out clubbing in Minneapolis actually has a buzz about it now… But it doesnt stop there

Minneapolis facility opens underground tram.passenger shuttle, new terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. I believe the tram will not only link the airport to the cities but the cities together and unfortually mall of america to the rest too.

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Free Culture not by Lawrence Lessig?

Creative Commons, some rights reserved

I always follow Lawrence Lessig's blog and I caught his blog on his new book. I am dieing to start reading the free ebook but I've only just started reading the future of ideas… Anyway thinking of putting it down and reading or even listening to Free Culture. Specially now I'm going to be on my 1 hour commute into work at the BBC from tomorrow.
I believe the PDF version doesnt come in tagged, so I will convert it for my ipaq and then upload it for others to enjoy on there palms and pocketpcs.
Nice little ebook store for future reference, Doctrow and Lessig. Still need to do my version using a lot of the demos books too. Also elegant ebooks looks worth keeping an eye on.

By the way these movies building on the past and mixtape are great… And I guess I should make some comment about Get Creative, which involves work done in flash.

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What on earth is going on in the states

Welcome to This is a great place to find out how to legally carry a concealed weapon, if it is possible in your state – HELLO What on earth is goind on! I spent some time in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St Paul) and in the state of Minnesota, you may carry a concealed gun around. You do not need to notify the police and the gun does not need to be registered with the police.

Places off-limits while carrying a gun?
Public or Private Elementary, Middle or Secondary Schools, School Buses, Child/Day Care Centers, Private establishments – if posted that establishment bans guns on premises. Places of employment, public or private, if employer restricts the carry or possession of firearms by its employees. Yes thats right, unless the establishments says no, you may carry a gun into a bar, a club, a restuarant, etc…
I cant seem to find my picture of the no guns signs on most of the doors in the twin cities…

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PVR Linux TV

Screenshot of MythTV

Still thinking about what I should do with the linux box I currently have. Its too much machine to be a smoothwall firewall and its not quite good enough to be a full on server. See I'm thinking once I get to the point of running a linux server I could easily convert the current server. So why not turn the current box into a PVR? Just a thought and a link right now. MythTV

More useful links…from a guy who built his own Linux PVR box.

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Finally seen real HDTV

Letterbox view of a film

Watched High Definition NBA basketball on ESPN HD via DirectTV while in Chicago. Part of my wifes family are well into technology and own multiple Hard drive recorders and a High-Definition Television setup. It was super crystal clear, more like a monitor picture than a television picture. It was ever-so very vivid too, almost too slick to watch. The picture was at long last in widescreen format which is still odd because no one owns a widescreen set only 4:3. When will we get HDTV in the uk? maybe 2008 on sky and 2010 on Digital TV. At least the new settop boxes now support 5.1 surrond sound through optical or coxial outputs now as standard.

Oh by the way, i am now thinking about not buying a cheap digital tv box and instead getting one of the previously mentioned PVRs because there getting much cheaper now. The Humax pvr is going for 190 pounds on Empire direct. Even the Pace twin view is going for around the same price now. Swap the hard drives out for something more like 120 gig and I'm laughing.

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Webdav calendar share

At long last my wife has given up on Outlook and Internet explorer. So I set her laptop up with Opera, Mozilla and Neos Jabber client. And shes loving the calendar in Mozilla 1.5, she loves the idea you can actually share calendars and see others.

So now I really need to sort out a webdav server so I can actually get our calendars working in each others clients. Saw this after a short search. Oh spotted this too…Yum

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Blojsom upgrade and permalinks

Serving more as a note for myself. I really need to make changes to blojsom because the new features are something else. If I do a upgrade on my blog I will do one on the interaction blog too. so fear not my students. Webbased blogging is coming to you all soon…

Plus a load of permas to check out sometime soon from my feeds…

Blog on Blogs- excellent educational example of weblog use (ebnWL News)

Blogtalk 2004 – July 2004
Who needs a phone? Infosync
Can You Sell More WiFi With Content? (Techdirt Corporate Intelligence/images/emoticons/happy.gif

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For ages now, I've been thinking of setting up a moblog, which is basicly a blog of interesting or not so interesting pictures which I snap with my camera phone through-out the day. Its kind of like my picture gallarys but less structured and pictures are uploaded via mms so they appear instantaly online no matter where you are. Which would have been extra nice when I was in America, except MMS didnt work on either Tmobile or AT&T while I was there.

The other thing which seems to becoming possible is vidblogs as operators allow for video messaging. Obvioulsy Orange havent yet launched there video service, but there on the brink and my SPV2 phone supports it. So realisticly I could send it over GPRS as a email instead.

Anyway, I've been meaning to look at textamerica for ages and have signed up now. Didnt like all there terms though.

14. may use, sell and/or share with its affiliates any information provided by you on this website, including your name, e-mail address, usage patterns, and uploaded images and text

The URL is and yes it looks pretty shite at the moment. But I'm thinking about writing my own moblog now rather than using text america as it seems very limited and ASP buggy. Then again i need to check out the other moblogging apps out there too.

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International GPRS roaming

Yes it works and I was so shocked when I saw the GPRS logo on my phone when I left Chicago Ohare airport, I just had to try it out on Tmobile and it didnt work too well. But worked perfectly on AT&T wireless through-out most of my holiday. Even Tmobile started working once I got outside of Chicago.
So at long last GPRS has come of age? Now if only 3g also worked…

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