At long last the SPV is with me

After months of messing around trying to decide what mobile to invest in next, I made the jump to a SPV E200 today.

My first impressions are mixed, I love the phone its really good looking, nice to hold and use. But theres two things bugging me. First thing the operating system windows mobile 2003 is a little too much like my pocketpc os, so I keep wanting to use my stylus with it. Minor but ignoying for me neitherless. Ok then the bluetooth doesnt seem to work as well as the SonyEricsson models. So my SonyEricsson bluetooth headset works fine with it and I've partnered with my ipaq but I cant seem to send my contacts from my ipaq to the SPV2. Seems the SPV2 doesnt support the object push profile, which is stupid because how on earth would you send a business card to a SPV2? Plus Activesync doesnt allow you to sync to the ipaq and the SPV at the same time. The other thing which bugs me a bit is the lack of file manager for the SPV, I think I need to download one from somewhere. Which brings me on to the issue of getting software for the os. Where on earth do I go to get free software for it?

On the other hand, it does everything it says on the box. The camera on the SPV is fantastic, the camcorder feature is great and it records to plain avi with pcm audio. So it will be easy to edit the footage later on, say turn it into mpeg 4 or add it to another load to create a whole movie. Plus it will record for as long as you have on your sd storage card. I have 4.33 meg left on the 8meg storage card they give you with the sd card. I can record for 1min 12secs at 176px x 144px and 42secs at 352px x 288px if needs be.

Anyway, I wont host any video files right now, but heres a shot from inside the tram on the way home from basketball training today.
on the tram home, inside of the tram taken with SPV

Quick note, there is no EXIF data saved with the picture which is minor problem. And I've investagated the video/audio codec a little deeper. Seems its saved with 8fps PVMJPG at 35kbps with the audio codec being 8bit PCM at 88kbps.

Oh yeah thanks Sam for the comment on the 3g walled garden issue on my other phone. I only saw it a moment ago.

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