Our Jabber server

Miles setup a jabber server in college about a week ago. In the effort to keep CNDI together even though CNDI has been split into 5 seperate pieces by higher management.

So far things are looking good. Me, Miles and Dave were using it for a while before Lisa and Kate were introduced to it. Then Adam and Kevin, now Alex and Hamid. Only a few more to convence then the whole team will be online.

But damm I have reservations, I dont know how useful it will be overall. See I love instant messaging I find it so so useful but I dont know if others will be happy about it. The first time Miles wrote the email talking about the jabber server I wrote a reply asking why he was doing it, and I thought his views were that im was a waste of time.
He replied saying yes his views havent changed but he was willing to try it out. Now thats the spirit!

I've switched from myjabber to neos because it has a H323 client built in to it along side the jabber client. Also it seems smoother in operation compared to myjabber. Anyway, I tried out the h323 client using my ipaq's SJphone H323 client and it works like a dream. Just asks if you want to accept the call from the ip address and what ever information is available. It also supports a gateway, so I should beable to dial up a normal land line phone from my desktop machine at some point in the future.
Which begged the question of how do I start a session with someone if there not a jabber user? Worked it out, its simple. Click play in the media panel and you can then put in any address you like, including a ip address.. Yet to try it but it should work fine. The other thing I was going to say was that I've successfully registered with our gatekeeper. So ip addresses should be a thing of the past when we set it up propely.
See now if Apple iCrapAV would support standards, we would all be able to talk using the same technology. But oh no, apple have to reinvent the wheel. They wouldnt even adopt something like sip.

Anyhow before I went off on one. Kevin's going to look at the gatekeeper settings so we can all dial up each other without the dynamic ip problem.

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