Derren Brown Play – Russian Roulette live

Excellent entertainment, nicely done Channel 4.

On 5 October at 9pm, Derren Brown will attempt not to shoot himself in the head,
live on Channel 4.

Filmed in a secret location, one person selected from the thousands who applied will load a real handgun with one bullet and then hand it to Derren. Using a series of psychological tests, Derren will then determine which chamber contains the bullet, put the gun to his head, and fire until he comes to the live chamber.

“Most of the stuff I do I reckon has a 90 per cent success rate,” says Derren. See if the odds are in his favour on 5 October, at 9pm on Channel 4.

The media are really making a meal of the whole event now. But the general reaction is that it was all a big trick.

Unfortually because the whole event went over by 5mins, I only captured till 22:00 and missed the last 5mins which was the important part. So yeah only up to the point when the deer and derren are talking and loading the gun. Hoping someone posts it online soon, as I was going to do.

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