Athlon 64 vs. Apple G5 Systems: NOT EVEN CLOSE!

PC has just published some comparisons based on running applications, and the G5 generally loses to the AMD Athlon 64. “Even Apple's 2GHz dual-CPU G5 unit had a hard time keeping up with a single-chip FX-51 PC in most tests,” says PC The comparison table is here.

Yep we pretty much all knew this a long time ago. But I argue its actually worst than there making out. Apple have lost face because AMD have there 64bit laptop already plus the AMD 64 chips actually hit the market before the G5 computer here in the UK. Hey and lets not forget Apple OSX 10.3 isnt natively 64bit. Oh what a shame, so close but so so far…maybe next time eh.

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Author: Ianforrester

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