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Blog Change Bot (blogchangebot on AIM) is a blog monitoring service which updates you via AOL Instant Messanger when a blog you are interested is updated. Subscribe via AIM or iChat to be automatically notified when the blog is updated.

So basicly its a another bloglines type service which also accepts opml (good stuff). But notifies the person over instant messager. I havent yet tried it out beyond subscribing to the blogchangebot on AIM. But I may send it a subset of my rather large opml file to try it out.

I'm wondering two things to myself, is there anyway to grab the jabber/xmpp message using a cocoon pipeline? And when will mark release a 1.0 version of blojsim? I'm gonna email mark some time and ask for advice on getting blojsim working in blojsom2. Thanks for the link about Atom API Mark

Oh and saw this the Instant Gratification. Which instant messages you when some visits your blog. Sad or Tragic? which one is up to you.

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