AMD 64 now in stock

I went to the computer fair on totterham court road last saturday just to get some more blank cd-r's. And finally saw people selling parts for the Athlon 64. One guy was selling the Asus K8V Deluxe for a silly price of 120 pounds. Not bad for AMD64, Hypertransport AGP 8x, Firewire, Gigabit ethernet and Serial ATA Raid.

But it got better, MSI have a package for there motherboard. All for 435 pounds. Now I would say yes thats expensive but the 3200 Athlon64 and MSI K8 in a package is very attractive. Dont like the Live update feature of this motherboard though.

The big question though is what os would you run on this chip? Because at this moment its a pretty simple choice, I would say.
Microsoft unwraps Windows XP 64-bit beta. While I say Linux is the only option worth thinking about. 64-bit Linux: Ready for prime time? and 64 reasons to opt for Linux

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