Your move : 3g update

Its been a while since I've done a update on a few things, one of those updates should be my 3g phone. I was sparked into doing this because Three finally sent me a letter asking me to make a choice by October 2nd.

Also been meaning to share this with my blogger too, tests my 3g phone

I still cant not work out if three have deployed a walled garden or not. Everytime I type a url in manually (when i got 3g signal of course). The phone says not all content is viewable, then it tries and fails, every single time. I even tried wap sites to make sure it wasnt because the browser didnt fully support xhtml.

But then yeah its odd because its says it should work. Then dont even get me started on the java aspect! I still to this day have not got a single java applet working on the phone.

So what am I going to do, well it seems I can keep the phone if I stay on 3toGo pay as you go. If I goto the video price plans they will give me 100 pounds in credit, but would i use it? No chance! My 3rd option is to leave three, and return the handset to them. And sometimes I do consider it to be the best option.

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