Dr Divx vs Xmpeg5

I just found out DrDivx supports encoding of unencrypted vobs. What does this really mean? Well that means I dont need to use xmpeg anymore to encode my films. Version 5 looks and sounds great but its only in french, which could be a problem. But I'm still stuck on another problem.

I need to start encoding all my good films in ac3. In the old days getting ac3 sound out of my computer was awarked but now I usually watch movies on the xbox using xbox media player which supports ac3 without the hassle.

So yes, I need a encoder app which supports vobs but allows me to encode to divx or xvid with ac3 sound. At the moment I have to encode to the video in xmpeg 4.2 and output the raw ac3 sound to the hard drive then go to virtual dub and muliplex them together. Trust me its a pain and should be that way now.

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Author: Ianforrester

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