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Just got back from Designing for e-government, and it was good. Not sure if it was better or worst than the last one, but this time I stuck around afterwards when everyone went to the globe pub. Meet some interesting people including Louise ferguson. She was talking about the events calender she had drawn up on her website. I explained I also tried to do a simular thing but using the ical standard, which would allow anyone with a username and password to add events to it. And anyone could sync up with it.
So its good to see shes done this, I can see myself using it alot.

Just had a look for ical again. I remember my ical idea didnt work because you need a ical server and I was trying to use webdav instead. BUT i just found this, and i'm now thinking once I do the blojsom2 upgrade. I should try this out using resin's webdav support.

Yes please note regular readers of my blog, it will be down tomorrow while I change to blojsom 2. And unfortually all permalinks will change. Really sorry its just the way it is. It shouldnt take long to do the upgrade and my feeds will be available still. There maybe slight issues during the first few weeks.

Thanks for your patiences during this time

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