Finally watched When they finally see us….

I first watched the first episode of When they finally see us and couldn’t watch further episodes. It was a difficult watch and didn’t get around to finishing the show. Part of the reason is I remember the case as I grew up, it was just before the murder of Stephen Lawrence from memory.

When they finally see us

If you have not seen the series, go watch it and look out for the Opera interview with the 5. You will be in tears…

Opera Backstage London

Opera Backstage meet up was interesting. The opera crew did a reasonable job with lots of free drinks but limited food. The talks were not great but they did show off a new feature for Opera 10, page zooming. It looked good but the rest of the talks were somewhat shakey except Jeremy Keith. Jeremy although his laptop died on stage raised the roof with a great speech about browsers and the web. In my usual fashion I captured Jeremy in action and uploaded it. I don't know who's idea it was to make Fluffybunny the photographer. With a load of guys with free drinks inside of them she was being hit on left, right and centre. Who would have thought she was 24, i swear she was younger like maybe 18. I guess I'm finally getting old and the young are looking really really young.

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Google Using SVG

A few days ago Google released a series of statistics on the way in which HTML (and a few other things, such as HTTP and scripting) is used in the wild, wild Web. As in any good statistics report they have accompanying graphical charts. The interesting aspect in this instance is that those charts are available only in SVG.

You will need a recent version of either Firefox, Opera, an SVG-enabled Safari build or Konqueror to see them, apparently due to minor markup issues that prevent IE and/or ASV from working. It certainly is interesting to see a major web site such as Google use SVG for live Web content. SVG support moving away from plugins and into browsers does appear to have the effect of helping it edge its way into the mainstream.

I thought about this the other day when looking through the fantastic series of Google Statistics. Good to see SVG used by a huge company like Google. I mean it makes sense to put the graphs in SVG format, but its a calculated risk on Googles part. And looks to have paid off, because I've not seen many people make a fuss about not seeing the graphs. Actually looking around the web svg is really starting to become a reality for general web use. It reminds me to check out the Canvas element and HTML 5 which were both mentioned at the last geekdinner with Dave Shea.

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