How did love get monopolised?

To me its nothing new, the history of Match Group and their almost total  ownership of online dating.

It did make a good point about Plenty of Fish, who said no way and lets not forget OKCupid who wrote why you should never pay for online dating before they were bought.

Still remember the popcorn eating with the vanity fair piece too…

Stop Screwing with okcupid

The whole area of online dating is a surveillance capitalism mess and I really wish someone in the EU commission would apply competition rules and regulations to this space.

BBC Backstage Widget Competition

So those talented guys at just launched a Widget competition. The prizes include a Origami PC and Nokia Internet Tablet but the other interesting thing is there will a meetup event where the winners will be announced.

I'm still new to widget creation so, I'm also going to try making a couple and link to any resources which I find useful. Like we talked about internally this is not simply a competition where we put it out there and expect submissions back. This is a conversation, and we will be listening and learning during the month. So good luck and subscribe to the mailing list for more information.

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