Google starts transcribing podcasts?

Android police podcats transcribed

Google is finally transcribing some podcasts… It made sense a long time ago and its happening for real. No april fools.

Google Podcasts is now automatically generating transcripts of episodes and is using them as metadata to help listeners search for shows, even if they don’t know the title or when it was published.

Its a shame its only for use in Google podcasts, but I guess nothing is free when it comes to tech corps.  I remember thinking Google was going to start doing this when Google talked about podcasts, and what a time to start doing it I guess?

But there are questions about which podcasts are transcribed, is there a waitlist, how do you opt out and of course horrible errors from an automated process.

Automated your tindering

Tinderbox dashboard

This has got to be one of the most creepiest (and slightly impressive) things (I seen a lot of stuff, but nothing recently) I’ve seen recently in online dating news… Cheers Dave for the heads up on this project which is also available under a very free and easy licence on Github

While my friends were getting sucked into “swiping” all day on their phones with Tinder, I eventually got fed up and designed a piece of software that automates everything on Tinder.

Dubbed “Tinderbox”, the first version only took 3 weeks to build. It uses an existing Tinder account and taps into Tinder APIs, which is nice so you don’t have to create an entirely new account. Tinderbox recreates the Tinder app in your browser, including the inbox and discovery preferences. The workflow is simple:

  • The built-in bot builds facial models using your likes/dislike

  • Bot examines profile images, cropping faces

  • Faces are loaded into an “average” face representing choices

  • Eigenfaces are computed from average faces

  • Bot then makes future selections based on Eigenface comparison

  • Comparisons are essentially k-nearest neighbor selection

Yes its a Tinder bot which starts conversations with people based on profile pictures… I’m glad I’m off Tinder. But the author also had this to add.

What do girls think of the bot? I’ve gone on at least 10 dates with the help of the bot and I’ve shown my partners the bot in its entirety. One date literally didn’t believe me and thought I was pulling her leg. Another person thought it was really cool and wanted the full tour. All were in agreement that it is not creepy, though some felt it was borderline.

Enough said really? This has got to be on this weeks Lovegrumps!