My mix garden on the move again, hello peertube!

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I have been mixing away on the pacemaker device as usual. But noticed my mixgarden is having some troubles. I was using hyperaudio and webmonization to present my mixes. It was good however things changed over the last year.

Webmonization made a number of changes and hyperaudio seems to be slightly broken the configuration I currently have it in.

So with all this in mind and after looking at Peertube and Castopod, I decided to give peertube a try before running my own instance. Similar to what I had planned with Funkwhale a long time ago.

This has worked out well on rankett. Then I heard on podnews last week about music freediverse.

Music Freediverse is a new place for musicians to post their songs as an RSS feed, using PeerTube.

After a email with the sysadmin, about mixes and legality of them. They suggested I check out Split Kit if I have the metadata (which I do), this is something I looked into and now have a lightening address, which you can send sats to on my new mixgarden. I am also interested in the peer 2 peer tech

One of the good things about Peertube is the ability to sync videos over, which I took advantage of, it was a shame the metadata wasn’t copied over too but its fine, as I had it all.

In the short term I’ll keep using peertube but I have a plan to install a peertube instance myself and host it all locally. Then I could syndicate them out elsewhere. (Anyone can recommend a good docker container, do shout)

Another thing for the task list, but likely the best idea for now with lots of room to grow and expand.

Talking of which the next mix is a banger….

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4 thoughts on “My mix garden on the move again, hello peertube!

    1. No worries, the pacemaker device is a incredible device and you can read about the history here –

      To be fair I’m using peertube just for music playback not actually filming myself or the pacemaker device.
      I could do but honestly its better just to heard the music πŸ™‚

      From a legal/copyright standpoint, its super gray.
      Dj mixes always have been because you are creating a derivative work but also using music which may not be for performance.
      I have always accepted someone will send a take down and will respect if it happens, I will also blog about it.
      So far it hasn’t happened but the music I’m playing is made for mixing and most of the creators are DJs themselves.

      My hope has always been to attribute the creators and any value would be in turn shared with them.
      Hopefully the value 4 value can work that way but very few artists have public wallets/v4v/payment pointer/accounts.
      I have a general idea of some kind of look up service for any artist to share their payment pointer but thats further down the line – I guess…

      It feels like another lazyweb ask

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