Adobe audition uses XML like Audacity files

Today I tried to open a Adobe Audition file which a Salford student sent me for a potential perceptive podcast. I knew it wouldn’t open but I wanted to see which applications Ubuntu would suggest.

Instead it opened in Atom editor and I was surprised to find a reasonable XML file. It was confirmed after a quick search.

Similar to Audacity and FinalCutXML, all can be easily transformed with XSL or any other programming language. Extremely useful for future User Interfaces. Sure someone will do something with this one day?

Author: Ianforrester

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5 thoughts on “Adobe audition uses XML like Audacity files

  1. I find that XML is still harder to deal with programmatic than JSON, so loads of my code codes

    $simpleXml = simplexml_load_string($fileContents);
    return json_encode($simpleXml);

    So I can json_decode it back to an object. XML has so much redundancy with it’s close tags and padding-with-spaces!

          1. Don’t worry, no one really knows Javsacript. I started using it with Netscape Navigator and I’m still not 100% confident!

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