Celebrating, I didn’t reproduce day


Bill Mahar hits the nail on the head with “I Didn’t Reproduce Day.” Its a  excellent observation of the state of our society, where people are pressured into having children because “you don’t have children?

I know Bill is being deliberately controversial and I don’t really think we need a I didn’t reproduce day but he’s right about this pressure from our society and its not really on…

This will instantly wind up a lot of people, especially those with children. It may feel like an attack on you but its not. Its about giving people the space and freedom to make their own decisions not feel guilt tripping them into something which others think is correct. Similar messages are applied to couples which are not married.

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One thought on “Celebrating, I didn’t reproduce day

  1. Some people are criticised for not having children (or not yet). Others, because they have too many children (critics mention the effects on the environment, the pressure on NHS and social security, the lack of attention that each will receive, etc…).

    I have two children, and have both been criticised for having them too early and for leaving it too late. Go figure.

    It is one of those cases where you really are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

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