My new skateboard

My new magenta skateboard

Yes I am over 30 but after Ross and Carley got me one for a joke on my 30th birthday I’ve been thinking about using it for a while. I had a little mess around on the skateboard but the bearings were shot and the whole thing was basically too sucky.

Devil board

I was considering getting a pair of rollerblades but can’t seem to find many my size and frankly I prefer the idea of skateboarding as I use to go everywhere on it for miles. Hopefully with more use of the skateboard I’ll also get fitter and even lose a bit of weight.

The other day I was able to skate from the Media City platform to the Harbour City tram stop and catch the tram coming from Eccles. If I was walking/running there would be no way I could have caught it but with the skateboard I had plenty of time.

My new magenta skateboard

My skateboard is pretty mental. When I was skating year and years ago I swear the bearings and wheel technology wasn’t anywhere as good as these ones. The ride is so smooth and just keeps going for ages.

Yet to fall off it but I did have to loosen the trucks because it was too tight and I’m still not confident enough to skate through traffic or even while people are walking along the street. At this pace, it won’t be long till I’m back skating down the middle of the road and weaving in and out of the human traffic…

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