My new Skateboard

My new Skateboard

Theres a strange divide in my friends, most won’t connect me with a skateboard but in actual fact in Bristol I was known as the kid with the skateboard.

Ross and Carly decided to buy me a skateboard for Christmas and I’ve finally had a little ride around my flat (the wooden floors make it perfect for doing so).

The next step is to take it out for a ride outdoors, and to be fair Central Manchester is great for skateboarding because its mainly quite flat and everythings not that far on a skateboard. I can also hop on and off the free buses (yes Manchester has a few free buses) if I get tired of skating.

Before you start thinking about ole kickflips and all that. I only really used the skateboard to get around town. I use to travel a total of about 4/5 miles a day going to work in showcase cinema. Then sometimes I would travel back up hill late at night on the skateboard.

Yeah I was pretty much tied to the skateboard and although hanging the skateboard off a wall in my flat was the original idea. I’m getting tempted to go for a quick spin and maybe use it to go to work on.

Like Quora? Try Cwora

I don’t really see the point but even if you do, you got to see the light side of Quora with Cwora

Written by the ever so witty Tom Scott,

A continually spamming collection of unanswered questions created, edited and organized by no-one who uses it.

I specially like the email sign up.

Unless you opt out, we may just blast you with hundreds of messages a day! That’s Web 3.0.

A friend of mine (Tim Dobson) setup a similar "take the piss" site for Facebook called Pokebook. Unfortunately its no where near as witty or clever as Cwora (which is a shame because all the elements are there).