The stoke of a fire mix

Been a while since I've published a mix on soundcloud. This is one I did while on holiday in of all place Stoke on Trent. The old style hotel had a fireplace and nice big chairs to get sucked into. So after most of the old people had retired to there rooms, I put down the ereader and slammed on the pacemaker. This mix is very warming and showcases some of the best trance over the last year. Enjoy!

  1. Flamboyant – Petshop Boys
  2. Invisible Touch (ferry Corsten touch) – Bobina
  3. Sinister – Airbase
  4. Shadow World – Thomas Bronzwaer
  5. Rewire – Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi
  6. Key of life (Marlo remix) – Ohmna featuring Nurlaila
  7. Into something – richard durand
  8. Constellation (john O callaghan remix – Thomas Bronzwaer
  9. Summer Melodies (Frequence remix) – Frequence
  10. Embrace (ferry fix) – Embrace
  11. Surreal – John O Callaghan featuring Jaren
  12. Language (Santiago Nino Dub tech mix) – Hammer and Bennett
  13. Look ahead – Thomas Bronzwaer
  14. Radio Cursh (extended mix) – Ferry Corsten
  15. Certitude – Thomas Bronzwaer
  16. Ultra Curve – Cosmic gate
  17. Seven Cities (V-one's living city remix) – Solar Stone
  18. Flamboyant – Petshop Boys

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