How good is the rendering on the Sony Ereader?

close up on the Sony Ereader

People keep saying, well I use to read ebooks on my x device and that had a screen resolution of y by z. Well fine but its not the same, trust me I know. I use to read ebooks on my ipaq's and even the compaq areo before that. There resolution was low at 320 by 240, it did work but boy was it bad. Most people say you just need more rez and screensize. Well I've tried it on my HTC Touch HD which has a massive rez of 800 by 480 on a 3.8 inch screen and hell I even bought a Apple ipod Touch to see if that would work and both worked but once again its not the same as a read ereader. 5inch and above is certainly good but its not about the resolution exactly. Looking at a LCD doesn't work very well for reading black on white text and switching it to white on black is even worst for extended periods. Don't get me wrong as I type this now I'm typing black text on to a sandy colour backdrop but reading 300+ pages while in a public setting like a coffee shop. No thanks. Nope eink technology is amazing and till you can effectively change the screen quicker that once per second and add more that 12bit colour the ereader has to be separate device.

You can see more pictures taken here. I might have to get my Canon out when I get back from holiday to see what I can do with a super macro function.

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