Cocoon 2.2 + Google App Engine for Java?

At last Google App Engine is available in a Java flavour. This might not seem like a big deal for most of you guys out there but (I think) for me this means I can carry on doing my development in cocoon and hopefully be able to scale up my code if needed.

The Java environment provides a Java 6 JVM, a Java Servlets interface, and support for standard interfaces to the App Engine scalable datastore and services, such as JDO, JPA, JavaMail, and JCache.

Some of you maybe saying, but hold on Ian. I didn't know you were a Java developer. No I'm not, but the key thing here is the Java Servlet interface, which if I'm reading the documentation correct, means I can deploy servlets/webapps to Google App Engine? I can create these in Cocoon 2.2 which now uses Apache Maven instead of Apache Ant. If this is all true, then excellent, another reason to get back into writing stuff in Cocoon. If I'm wrong, I'll be very disappointed.

I guess the only way to find out for sure is to just build something very small in Cocoon and spend some time playing with Google App Engine.

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