Getting out of the inbox

Stowe Boyd's talk from Next09 has inspired me again to rethink about my email usage. There's something very stressful about email and actually now can put it into words. Secrets. Its all about secrets or the practice of secrecy. Its a pain in the ass to remember all these secrets and to be honest only about 2% of them should actually be secrets. I've been trying to use other communication methods when possible, say a email thread which goes on too long can be quickly ended with a 5min telephone call. Or a blog entry instead of mass email out. I don't utilise our internal BBC stream (yammer) much yet because most of the things I have to say are ok for public consumption, so I end up using Twitter. I would use IM more if there wasn't this internal/external split. Don't get me wrong some things are secret and thats what email should be used for but right now theres so much going on in my inboxes that I miss stuff which shouldn't even be in there.

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Author: Ianforrester

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