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Hemmysphere wrote in a twitter Single male friends, take heed and lie. Oh, and good luck /images/emoticons/wink.gif So I checked out the link and its a guardian article about how woman are impressed with a man who reads. Wow, really? I would never have guessed…. So yes the secret is out, woman find men who read impressive. yes todays ground breaking news fresh from the Guardian. Sometimes the obvious is interesting, sometimes not so much… However I do like the idea of brains over looks.

A survey commissioned by the National Year of Reading has found the top 10 reads to impress a woman. Top of the list is Nelson Mandela's autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. If you also drop in that you adore Shakespeare, poetry, and cookery books; are never off current affairs websites; and – sorry readers – that you take the Financial Times, then there may be queues. The poll also delves into dating deceit. Lying about something you've read to impress someone you're taken with comes second after telling untruths about sexual conquests, but ahead of lying about your age or job.

The National Year of Reading is spending 2008 trying to get more people reading, in any form, whether it is books, magazines or websites. It said the poll was an attempt to explore the importance of reading in all aspects of people's lives. The campaign's director, Honor Wilson-Fletcher, said: “I love the fact that every generation seems to know that reading can help us all increase our potential appeal in the search for love and romance. For all the talk of our superficial obsession with beauty, it looks like underneath it all we know that brains contribute to sex appeal too.

So just remember this all you lovely woman when you see me reading my ebook off my new ipod touch. Hummmm, I wonder if that has the same appeal?

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