I bought a ipod touch

ipod touch

Yes I bought one, I was thinking about selling my acer netbook which is a nice machine but as I thought it would be, was eclipsed by 12inch Dell. I twittered and yammered about it and some people got back to me. I also had a look on ebay and noticed I could get up to 290 pounds for the current machine because its got the extra memory and in some places it still sells for about 250 pounds. To tell the truth though, I wouldn't want to go back through the memory upgrade process again.

Basiclly I really want a smallish device which I can use for ebook and rss reading. I originally looked at getting a small HP handheld PC running windows mobile pro but I couldn't find one even on ebay for less that 240 pounds. So then I got thinking, maybe it was time to consider the ipod touch again. So I did and with the staff discount I dropped into the Apple store regents street London and picked the cheapest one up for 150 pounds.

So far I've undone the packaging (not going to do a unboxing as I think it doesn't deserve one) and plugged it in via USB into my Dell. Ubuntu sees its a ipod and asks me if I want to use something like Amarok or Gspot photomanager to manage it. Ignore those and try and look at the file system. Of course I can't. Worst still the iphone screen shows a picture of a arrow pointing at a icon for itunes. I'm going to be pretty ignoyed if I have find a pc running itunes just to get the thing started. I'm already feeling like I should have known better that to buy a Apple product.

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Author: Ianforrester

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