A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

No of course not mine… You think I'd just put that out on my blog one day. Not a chance.

Instead a complete history of my sexual failures is a candid and slightly humorous look at a guy (Chris Waitt's) past and present attempts at a relationship. Some of it is cringe worth and some of it laugh out loud bad but overall its a film worth watching at some point in the future. He's a review I got from IMDB.

Meet Chris Waitt. He's a thirty-something auteur and amateur, who
embarks on a project to catalog his past girlfriends following in the
footsteps of Jim Jarmusch and “Broken Flowers” featuring the
middle-aged Bill Murray. The end result is funnier and different in
other aspects, too. Waitt comes off as a Kurt Cobain lookalike, whose
toilet floor is carpeted in pubic hair w/ used toilet paper rolls in
the corner unlike a furniture catalog by IKEA. He walks around carrying
his furry microphone and baggy-saggy pants like a leftover grunge-wars
survivor. His “Swedish” face is, however, only the surface, because
things are boiling beneath it. As the events that unfold testify, he's
got enough balls to visit a dominatrix, test his street-credibility vs.
women, serenade a psychotherapist citing “crack-whores” and “religious
virgins” and trip on Viagra like we've never seen it happen. The movie
suggests that in the lives of most/many GenXers, there are four
recurring factors apart from differences in personal hygiene and CV: a)
A lost loved one is a mental skeleton in the closet b) (S)he is
targeted at least once for reclamation c) Inevitable failure on this
front may lead to creation of wicked senses of humor (as a defense
mechanism) and d) other people and one's own projects claim the (wo)man
in the end. Lived life and history can not be changed. If our
relationships are like bridges, we almost always burn them after saying
cogently goodbye. Because of these strengths, I was mildly indignant
that the audience seemed to revel only in Waitt's failures and
shortcomings on the sexual front. I could think of many girls who
wouldn't be his match or worthy of him as a date

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Author: Ianforrester

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