Community Management

According to Marshall Kirkpatrick over at the Read Write Web, community management jobs are hot.

What kinds of jobs are companies hiring for right now? In the move towards a social media world, we've seen a series of hires in the past week for variations on the theme “community manager.” Companies are hiring, candidates are hunting and competition for the best people and positions is heating up.

What's even more interesting is the debate we got into at the Web 2.0 Expo about jobs for woman. Some people were suggesting community management is something woman are dawn too. Although I have to say my job boils down to community management too, which is a term I really hate.

So if you combine the two, what do you get? Maybe a more balanced workforce in the future?

Who knows… But I do agree with the first comment – Seems like a risky job to be in when it comes to a rough economy

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