I was that close to installing Laconica today

Evan from Laconica/Identi.ca/Wikitravel and much more, was on Floss Weekly this week. Here's the blurb from twit.tv.

Laconica, the open source microblogging tool implementing the OpenMicroBlogging standard used in Identi.ca.

Guest: Evan Prodromou for Laconica and Identi.ca

Its quite a long discussion but lots of lovely information about why Evan started Laconica and some of the changes he's planning for the project. I was a little shocked to find laconica isn't based on a messaging protocal but theres plan a foot to change towards that. Installing Lasconi.ca could do with being a little easier though. Some features include a Twitter compatible API, Tags, Feditaration, Jaiku like replies, FOAF, OpenAuth. Actually I missed Dan Brickleys blog post about it.

In a world where Twitter is falling apart (don't get me wrong I love twitter but whens the im bot coming back and then the total removal of the SMS service for the UK and parts of Europe), Jaiku seems to be stalled and going no where thanks to Google buying most of the developers up. And the rest of the copiers are copying the twitter silo to the pixel. Its great to have Ping.FM and Identi.ca busting these silos. I love the company name – controlyourself.ca by the way.

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