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Bahi sent around the call for testers a while ago and I thought actually Kflickr's and fspot's been ok but both very bloated for a simple uploader to flickr. So I thought I'd give send to flickr a try.

It does work as shown above but I've already got a few bits of feedback already.

  • The icon on the gnome desktop does not scale to a size bigger that 32×32 it seems. It needs a scalable icon.
  • There's no ability to rename the file names or set collections.
  • I assume proxy support is done via gnome?
  • It would be nice to have some little notification when its finished uploading or be able to have the uploading progress bar as a notification
  • The whole application seems to disappear once the upload is finished. Need some confirmation of upload.
  • Good call on the right click option.

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