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So I finally bought some tunes legally for the first time in a long time. I checked out a service called which has a huge back story and did a quick scan through my Tunes to get list and picked up quite a few of them. Obviously all 320k Mpeg3's with no DRM. In the end I bought…

  • apologies (original mix)conrad s
  • cause you know (nic chagall remix) markus schulz feat. departure
  • frozen (original mix) dogzilla
  • heaven scent (greg downey remix)bedrock
  • how long? (original mix)aly & fila vs. fkn feat. jahala
  • in the dark (tiesto trance mix) tiesto
  • industry (original mix)the green martian
  • kalopsia (monogato's filth remix) the blizzard
  • lost in moonshine infinity (original mix) planisphere
  • s.o.s. (message in a bottle) (sander van doorn remix) filterfunk
  • the fall (richard durand remix) way out west

I found Audiojelly really simple and quick to add and buy tracks. They also seemed to do everything correctly, for example I added loads of tunes into my playlist before even signing up. I only needed to signup when I wanted to buy them and even then everything was smooth. The price of the songs isn't as cheap as elsewhere but for dance music they seem to have a wide selection. Maybe not as many as beatport but its not as painful to use as beatport. The only bit of Flash on the page was the playlist and that worked well the rest of the site. You can do stuff like embed, bookmark and even send a chunk to a friend for their approval or something.

I think I'm going to get more into mixing. I've checked out a couple other dj applications for ubuntu but its a area which is in need of much more voices and effort. I would like to think my pacemaker will do away with the need for switching back to Windows to run Virtual DJ but it looks a long way off at the moment. I don't talk to me about virtualisation, it works but that split second difference is killer when mixing live.

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