iplayer oh iplayer when can I watch you on my TV?

From the Register via Miles and Dave's emails.

The BBC has revealed that eight times as many people are using its Flash-based streaming iPlayer than the desktop P2P version.

The first publicly available official figures since the Christmas launch say 3.5 million iPlayer programmes were watched by more than one million viewers between 25 December and 7 January.

Even our best friend (for reasons which will be revealed soon) Ashley Highfield has a blog post about this annoucement. Theres even a great quote from someone saying how its changed there life for ever. But what next for iplayer?

People since Christmas have said they would like to see the 7 days extended to 14 days or even 30 days and want the whole range of BBC content available. Only one person said to me they would like it better quality (I just add this person owns a 1080p HD cinema like projector), some say they want iplayer on the TV (this will be solved soon if you own a Virgin box) others including my parents said “iplayer?”

So TV on TV a large request with extended schedule and longer hold time? Humm we shall see but the ability to put iplayer on your TV right now is quite interesting and something I've been trying to push out in the community. Currently the problem is the Adobe RTMP protocal for streaming, but this will soon be fixed. Even Ashley decided to follow up some of the links for IP TV solutions after the lets be frank, boring as hell Mac World announcements (Macbook Air my arse and its not got a replaceable battery!). Yes Apple screwed up the Apple TV and launched a 2nd edition which lets be honest isn't that great because once again its the same hardware. I still can't wait to plonk the xbox or wii in front of Ashley and show him and others iplayer on a TV done well. Thanks for the screenshot of xbmc by the way Ashley.

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