Point home – a new ui for windows mobile phones

Point Home in action

I installed Point Ui's Home tonight because it was one of those things I've been meaning to do. Anyway, after 2 seconds I was amazed. The user interface design is slick and smooth without being too in your face. They have taken interaction, icons and patterns from the tango project and put them to good use. Everything just works so well, that its hard to explain without a video, And I would shoot one if it wasn't so late. I only wish it was a little more stable and there were controls to change the colours. The blue is a little too blue for my personal tastes. More detail about point home below…

Home's intuitive controls and highly responsive user interface makes using your device a breeze. Here are a few of the key features Home has to offer:

  • Control your device via touch or your thumb with the directional control
  • Smart Lists Navigation ™ with bookmarks allows you to easily locate an item in even the largest lists
  • Choose the slide navigation that suits you
  • One touch access to calls, email, text messages and music
  • Easily see who and when calls were received, made and missed
  • Using the Applet Ribbon ™ you can easily access the time, tasks, appointments, calendar and up to date weather forecasts and current temperatures
  • Easily manage your sound, wireless, battery and device settings
  • Easy create new emails, text messages, multimedia messages, tasks, appointments, documents and spreadsheets
  • Load and switch between running applications effortlessly

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