iPhone price drop

iphone -200 dollars

So I heard about this and people have been asking if this makes any difference to my views on the iphone? Simple answer yes it kind of does but I still won't buy one. At 299 dollars its looks like it will be much closer to 200 pounds when it finally hits the UK in the next few months. Although it looks like it will get the compitition it deserves from Samsung, Google, HTC and Nokia.

I know a lot of iPhone users are pissed off with the price drop but I'm sorry they knew the risks with buying new tech on the first day. However something isn't working at Apple HQ. Its obvious, very few companies cancel a product (4gig iphone) and drop the price of by almost 40% within a few months.

Its coming up to the time for a new phone soon, but right now the iPhone isn't one of them on the list.

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Author: Ianforrester

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