Events i’m going to this month in London

Here's a quick guide of some of the things I'm doing this month in London. Hope to see you at one or more of them.

  • Geekdinner with Brady Forrest at Ye Olde Cock Tavern
    This is going to be a great geekdinner, Brady is a big figure at all O'reilly conferences. He's usually the one asking the tricky questions and chairing the biggest names. Well this time around he's on the hot seat.
  • XSLUG July Meet at the Business Lounge, in Bush House
    In the 3rd XSL user group meeting, we've decided to discuss pipelines in front of a computer instead of at a pub. The BBC will be hosting this small event in Bush House. I'll be explaining why Pipelines are very cool and should be used for anything slighty complex. I'm going to recommend reading Jenni Tensions paper from Xtech 05 first.
  • MOO's Hot and Sticky Summer Party at The Ambassador in Exmouth Market
    Not quite sure whats going to happen on the night but are launching stickers which hopefully will be very cool. More details on their blog
  • MiniBar July in Corbet Place, off Brick Lane.
    Its Minibar again, usual Friday night get together, should be cool.

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