New developments in the field of TV sharing

So recently I've written off Tioti (Tape if off the in favour of the up and coming Well after a chat with the creator of Tioti Paul, it seems there was lots going on in the background which were just not public. But before that, shareTV hasn't been sitting still either.

ShareTV has ramped up its social networking as suggested in a previous blog entry. Now you can edit your profile (which has got to be the first step in social networking), you can edit your name, add some details about yourself and add a avatar using yahoo avatars. I was wondering if sharetv would also suck or link to your yahoo profile but it doesn't seem like anything clever, yet!. There's also a couple of option titled check boxes.

  • email me when someone adds me as a friend
  • allow others users to contact me through email

The ShareTV blog came clean the other day with the title TV Social Network. In which he talks about all the elements described before.

I've been working a lot recently on making the site more of a social network for tv fans as this is something many have been asking for. New Features:

  • you can now add friends to your profile
  • you can edit your profile (avatar, about me, etc.)
  • your avatar is used where ever you leave a comment including the forum
  • you can now leave comments on other members page
  • updated the points table
  • you can see the top members
  • almost finished with allowing users to vote on and add their favorite characters to their profile

Coming Soon:

  • live chatrooms
  • show reviews
  • fun tv facts
  • tv news

if anyone has any more ideas, let me know.

I've got some ideas but theres some good thoughts on the official ShareTV To-Do list. I would like to see a API, Microformats, Javascript badges which can be placed elsewhere. How about some facebook compatibility? APML export? So you can share your TV preferences. Anyway I'm full of ideas and its great the author has now made him self public.

Tape of the internet has certainly changed since I last looked at it. Paul invited me to a sneak preview of the newest version and I'm actually impressed. Everything is cleaner and more manageabe. I'm hoping to have a bigger play over the coming weeks. There is something major which Tioti has done which I can't say right now but I'm dying to try it out and see how well it works.

Both this web applications are coming at the TV pie from different directions but are starting to meet in the middle. The maturity of TV sharing is finally going somewhere.

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