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So I'm in Toronto and theres no iphones. But theres a stupid amount of coverage online including unboxings and taking apart the iphone. Here's some interesting things I've found while browsing around my aggregator.

LG Prada vs Apple iPhone
Bear in mind the LG Prada came first and was announced long before the iPhone.

iPhone touch typing.
Just as I thought, it was going to be bad but seriously its worst that I'd actually imagined. I thought if worst comes to worst you could use a stylus type thing but nope its made for thumbs and a little pressure. I have heard reports that it can be used in landscape mode while browsing the web but still. I know I can easily type faster on my stylus. Theres also some kind of bug with caps lock?

Engadget first hands on in HD
This one covers the keyboard a lot better.

iPhone Live Disassembly
How to take the iphone to pieces. Theres some interesting facts in this too like memory sizes and sim cards.

3G iPhone for Europe to be announced Monday?

Apple is set to announce a four-way deal: Vodafone and T-Mobile on the carrier front with Carphone Warehouse out in front as the MVNO. Hmmm, well, this kind of deal would certainly provide Apple's upstart mobile phone with far broader coverage than a Vodafone exclusive could muster while providing a solid brick-and-mortar base on a continent (mostly) void of Apple stores. Best of all for Europeans, the announcement expected on Monday will be 3G. That's right, while you're queuing up for EDGE data, Europeans might be unwrapping an HSDPA iPhone in a 4-way press release. Here's the rub, bub: do you really think Apple will provide Europe a 3G iPhone before the end of the year and not release it in the US at the same time? Now the tough choice: stand in line for your 2.5G iPhone or wait and see what happens on Monday with this rumor (and we repeat, it's just rumor at this point).

If this is true, I'll be quite shocked for those who bought the EDGE phones. EDGE is ok but yes no match for 3G speeds.

Generally, the iphone seems to working as expected but I've not seen much information about 3rd party applications in Safari. The landscape mode doesn't always work but hardware H.264 playback is good. Also heard little about battery life.

Its simply a expensive beast. If it comes to Europe with a price tag of 350+ pounds and 2 year contract of 35 pounds or more a month. Its not going to go down well. Get the price down to 200 with a 25 pounds a month contract and Vodafone and Tmobile will sell them like hot cakes. I won't be switching to a iphone when it comes here.

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